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Open up any Outside Space with Fabric

Canopies to help with social distancing

We know that being outdoors is lower risk for coronavirus transmission than being indoors. With fresh air and more space between people, the risk goes down.

As the new ‘normal’ continues to evolve and with an announcement just made today that will see pubs, restaurants, hotels and other attractions such as cinemas and museums allowed to reopen for business next month (over five months since the country first went into lockdown), many organisations will need to consider how they can open up their outside spaces for customers…

Events, exhibitions and festivals

The way things currently are it is likely that the events industry will be planning more outdoor events in the future in order to be able to maintain some form of social distancing between people.

As outdoor events start to take place again, organisers will need to think about cover from the elements and keeping their guests comfortable.

By using tensile fabric, you can quickly create temporary cover to any space which can be taken down and reused.

An elegant roof structure can be created and put up in a number of hours, for example. And because many structures can be modular in form, this means that if a client wanted to change the stand to make it bigger or smaller for future use, bays can be added or taken away as required.

Retail and hospitality

As more places begin to open up, many establishments may find they have a need for an entrance, walkway or some sort of queueing canopy – to help keep their social distancing customers dry if they are queuing in the rain, or shaded and protected from the harsh glare of the sun if it is a hot and sunny day.

When it is raining, walkway canopies are designed to allow water run off down a central channel section. When is it scorching the canopy provides essential sunshade. Our modular structures have a strong aesthetic look and can follow a straight, curved or wave form depending on your required route.

Eating and drinking

As pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels begin to open their doors again, their outside spaces are going to become even more valuable than before as having one will allow them to increase their covers. A fully engineered tensile fabric canopy can provide perfect cover for these areas, allowing diners and drinkers to be outside enjoying the space in all weathers.

Our exclusive dining pods are also a great option for establishments with some outdoor space, particularly those that command an excellent view.

It’s not only the hospitality industry who will need this extra space - many work places and leisure facilities may also require covered outside space for staff or guests to eat in, or to provide valuable extra space for break-out groups or meetings.


Schools will be wanting to maximise their outside spaces in order to get as many children and students back to formal learning on site as soon as possible. Adding a fabric structure will help to allow social distancing among the children and effectively create an extra classroom outside which can be used in all weathers.

If you need help with optimising your outdoor environment, contact us to see how tensile fabric could assist you with maintaining social distancing, keeping safe spacing between your customers and offering valuable weather protection for your location.

By Abi Smith, 23/06/2020