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Improving Acoustically Poor Interior Spaces with Fabric Structures

Our new range of pre-designed interior acoustic canopies, screens and ceilings can offer a much more affordable option than a bespoke structure when it comes to improving acoustically poor interior space.

Problematic acoustics often arise because of the demand for clean lines and low maintenance spaces. These hard-surface spaces, often found in schools, airports, restaurants and so on, are often not acoustically absorbent. Sound therefore reflects and reverberates around internally, increasing perceptible sound levels and decreasing the acoustic comfort of the space.

We understand interior fabrics and we have used this expertise to create a range of acoustic products which will not only help reduce this noise reverberation, but also offer an attention seeking form.

The whole range has been 3D designed, so we can provide you with a CAD model which can be easily dropped onto your drawings.

If you have a space you would like us to look at, contact us with as much information as possible, ideally drawings and/or photos, and we will be happy to chat through our new solutions with you.