Oasis Academy, Connaught

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Courtyard Canopy

  • Project: Oasis Academy, Connaught
  • Description: Courtyard Canopy
  • Client: Dribuild
  • Location: Bristol
  • Applications: Playground Sunshade Canopy
  • Fabric: White PVC
  • Ref: 2036

We designed this 9m x 9m hypar canopy structure specifically for this disused space at a Bristol Academy.

The school wanted to create more outdoor space for teaching activities and recreation. Our solution was to design and install a cantilevered structure - we used the cantilever principle to remove the supporting leg from the middle of the space, thus freeing up the entire area.

The previously disused courtyard was completely refurbished and a rubberised flooring was put in. Our installation took two days - bolting down to the existing foundations that the client had installed based upon our drawings.