Acoustic Products

In response to issues raised by acoustically poor interior spaces, TensileFabric have designed two solutions using acoustically absorbent fabrics and materials. These solutions are based around two main forms:

Freeform Acoustic

This product can be sculpted into traditional double curvature fabric forms, taking on many interesting three dimensional shapes.

This method includes these benefits:

  • Form nearly any double curvature shape
  • Aesthetically interesting creating a unique form in your space
  • Designed to suit your space

The images above show the fabric being used in two school locations, the first to help with sound traveling between open plan classrooms, and the second in a college library where a quiet and main area needed to be separated acoustically.

Fabric Acoustic Slab

This product uses a framed fabric form supporting an acoustic foam layer. The shape of this frame can vary hugely but will always need to be flat, to enable the slab foam to be used.

This method includes these benefits:

  • Easy to specify
  • Easy to install (can be 'supply only')
  • Face fabric can be printed with any image or colour

Examples of this design include the Link Bridge at Gatwick Airport, where escalator noise needed to be absorbed, and the Dyson building in Malmsbury, where a change of usage meant that noise transfer needed to be eliminated.

If you have a space you would like us to look at, contact us with as much information as possible, ideally drawings and/or photos, and we will be happy to chat through our new solutions with you.