TensileFabric Acoustic Solutions

Improving acoustically poor interior spaces with fabric structures

Welcome to our Acoustic section. Here we aim to familiarise you with the options that TensileFabric provides to help you reduce the problem of 'poor acoustics' within your space.

Problematic acoustics often arise because of the demand for clean lines and low maintenance spaces. These hard-surface spaces, found in schools, airports, restaurants and so on, are often not acoustically absorbent. Sound therefore reflects and reverberates around internally, increasing perceptible sound levels and decreasing the acoustic comfort of the space (see Fig. 1 below).

Fig. 1 - Conversation bounces around the room off all hard surfaces Example environment

In response to these issues, TensileFabric have designed two solutions using acoustically absorbent fabrics and materials. These solutions are based around two main forms, illustrated below. Click on the images to read more about each product.

Solution 1: Freeform Acoustic

Fig. 2 - Reverberation is reduced as sound is slowed by acoustic single layer fabric Example project: Rocket House Cafe

Solution 2: Fabric Acoustic Slab

Fig. 3 - Reverberation times are drastically reduced as sound is absorbed by foam back panels Example project: Safety Central

More about acoustics: