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Atrium Sun Shading, LV Life

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Fabric Sails for Sun Glare

  • Project: Atrium Sun Shading, LV Life
  • Description: Fabric Sails for Sun Glare
  • Applications: Sunshade Atrium
  • Ref: 2049

This insurance company in Surrey were in need of some shading within their exceptionally sunny atrium which featured a glass pyramid roof.

Although the glazed pyramid was a lovely feature, the heat and glare associated with sunlight (especially in the summer months when the sun is at its highest) were making it a really uncomfortable place to be for the staff.

We used a sun tracking programme to predict the correct shape and orientation required to help solve this problem for them. We created a series of high level fins using a class O fire rated mesh material with a 1% openness factor – this provided a vision of light above whilst preventing all of the glare.

We installed the high level sails over a weekend period to avoid any disruption to the employees.