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School Hall Acoustics, Uxbridge College

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School Hall Noise Reduction

  • Project: School Hall Acoustics, Uxbridge College
  • Description: School Hall Noise Reduction
  • Client: Wakefield Building Services Ltd
  • Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex
  • Applications: Acoustic Ceiling
  • Fabric: White Molton
  • Fixings: Stainless steel rigging screws
  • Ref: 1880

We designed and installed 12 acoustic sails for the school hall at Uxbridge College.

We were approached by Uxbridge College to help them deal with the poor acoustic quality of one of their hall areas. All curtains had previously been removed from the space which meant a very long reverberation time (i.e. incredibly high noise levels when the room has got more than a few children in it).

Our simple noise reduction solution was to install 12 symmetrical fabric sails within the space at high level using an acoustically absorbant fire rated fabric. Being at high level the sails are out of harms way and assist with absorption in the space.

The client will be adding to the space with acoustically absorbant pin boards and fabric artwork from the children at the school.