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Interior Sun Shading, St Bernadette's School

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School Classroom Sun Shades

  • Project: Interior Sun Shading, St Bernadette's School
  • Description: School Classroom Sun Shades
  • Client: Skanska
  • Location: Bristol
  • Applications: Sunshade
  • Fabric: Satine 5500
  • Frame: Aluminium Extrusion
  • Fixings: Plasterboard
  • Ref: 1652

On this project we were commissioned to design and install a fixed sun screen to prevent direct sun light penetrating the new super lab at St Bernadette's School in Bristol.

The result was a multiple hypar design - orientated south to stop the sun light - but with the gaps facing north, so that natural light was still able to illuminate the area.

The sails will be left in place permanently, being cleaned in situ by vacuuming the top face. The regularity of this will depend on the amount of airborne dirt, but bi-annually is recommended.