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Acoustic Fabric Ceiling, Gatwick Link Bridge

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Airport Acoustics

  • Project: Acoustic Fabric Ceiling, Gatwick Link Bridge
  • Description: Airport Acoustics
  • Client: BAA
  • Location: Gatwick Airport
  • Applications: Acoustic Ceiling
  • Fabric: 5500 Satine/Acoustic Foam
  • Frame: Mild Steel
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel
  • Ref: 1099

This bridge structure at Gatwick Airport links the existing main core building with the new satellite terminal as part of the ever-growing airport traffic in the south of England. The bridge, at around 250m long, links airside passengers to the departure gates via escalators and travelators.

The ceilings were installed to absorb sound reverberation within the bridge. Completely manufacturing off site minimised the installation time.

The visual mesh layer of glass-based fabric was combined with a 50mm acoustic foam layer to the top, allowing the sound to pass through the lower layer where it is then slowed by the foam layer.

The design of the panels also allowed each unit to be dropped to the side, allowing access above the visual ceilings to the M&E above.

Tensile fabric can be used acoustically to absorb or reflect sound. Due to the high level of absorbtion required with this project, the fabric panels were combined with a second layer of foam.