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Interior Sun Screen, Bexley College

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Glass Skylight Screening Canopy

  • Project: Interior Sun Screen, Bexley College
  • Description: Glass Skylight Screening Canopy
  • Client: Bexley Council
  • Location: Bexley, east London
  • Applications: Sunshade Canopy
  • Fabric: 4500 Natte / E Screen
  • Frame: n/a
  • Fixings: Fabricated mild steel
  • Ref: 1043

The cone structure shown here is a classic example of a tensile fabric structure in its simplest form.

The ‘cone’ shape with repeated patterned panels and simple fixings allowed it to be installed quickly and easily.

This canopy was installed as part of a refurbishment of the area – due to the unsightly glazing system above showing its age. Screening the area with a fabric was the simplest and most cost efficient way to cover this area.

The use of Natte fabric allowed light penetration, while obscuring the unsightly details when viewing up into the glazing area above.