Coppa Club, Virgin at Heathrow

Entrance Canopy, SigmaCoppa Club Domes, Tower Bridge

Igloo Outdoor Dining

Special Project
  • Project: Coppa Club, Virgin at Heathrow
  • Description: Igloo Outdoor Dining
  • Client: Coppa Club
  • Location: Heathrow T3
  • Applications: Dining Feature Centrepiece
  • Fabric: PETG
  • Frame: Larch
  • Ref: 2205

On the back of the huge success of the igloos at Tower Bridge for the Coppa Club, Virgin were keen to have a pop-up igloo for themselves, on their Upper Class roof terrace at Heathrow Terminal 3 and so approached Coppa Club to make it happen.

We moved this one into place (having first taken it apart to allow it to pass through the security and building route), and set it up to take in the fabulous airport views and winter skyline in winter 2017/2018.

This dome has found a new position at the Sonning Location for Coppa Club by the Thames - where it now has a whitewash of paint.