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Being Brunel Cylinder, SS Great Britain

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Printed Overhead Lampshade

  • Project: Being Brunel Cylinder, SS Great Britain
  • Description: Printed Overhead Lampshade
  • Location: Bristol
  • Applications: Suspended Lampshade Signage Centrepiece
  • Fabric: BB HTC
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Ref: 2242

The new 'Being Brunel' exhibition at the SS Great Britain explores the life and legacy of the amazing Brunel. 

Our client asked us to create an eye-catching overhead cylinder drum, using twin skin fabric for double sided graphics and an aluminium frame.

Our Zefira product is perfect to create signage and a strong branding message, and helps to draw the eye in exhibtion halls or retail environments as it is suspended. A bottom can also be inserted to create a lightbox.