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Top tips for picking the right fabric

How to choose the right fabric for your structure

Tensile fabric means fabric under tension – it is important to understand this as contrary to popular belief, we rarely use stretchy fabrics as they tend to be unpredictable. And for fabric structures we need complete accuracy.

Before selecting a fabric we primarily need to know:

  • what it is going to be used for
  • if it is for indoor or outdoor use
  • how it’s going to be used
  • what it looks like
  • how wide it is
  • if it is waterproof
  • its fire rating

We then look at a number of factors before recommending fabric for a particualr project, including:

Read more details about all of these factors at: Fabrics for Tensile Fabric Structures

A different fabric has been selected for all of the images on this page depending on the requirements for each project - visual, acoustic, printed, weatherproof and interior sun shading

By Abi Smith, 09/11/2021